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Apple iPad 2 (16GB WIFI Edition)

ID: 4142

Product Description

Basic parameters

上市时间 Time to market

201105 May 2011

操作系统 Operating system

iOS 4.3 iOS 4.3

处理器 Processor

A5 双核,1GHz A5 dual-core, 1GHz

系统内存 System Memory

512MB 512MB

存储容量 Storage capacity

16GB 16GB

显示屏 Display

屏幕尺寸 Screen Size

9.7英寸 9.7 inches

屏幕分辨率 Screen Resolution

1024x768 1024x768

屏幕描述 Screen Description

电容式触摸屏,多点式触摸屏 Capacitive touch screen, multi touch screen

指取设备 Pointing device

触摸屏 Touch Screen

设备描述 Device Description

IPS屏幕,LED背光,Multi-Touch显示屏,支持132ppi清晰度,耐指纹抗油涂层 IPS screen, LED backlight, Multi-Touch screen, support 132ppi resolution, fingerprint-resistant oil-resistant coating

支持语言 Support for language

支持多种语言文字同时显示 Support for multiple languages ​​and characters simultaneously

网络链接 Web links

WiFi功能 WiFi capabilities

WIFI无线上网,支持802.11b/g/n无线协议 WIFI wireless Internet access, 802.11b/g/n wireless protocol

网络模式 Network model

不支持3G网络 Does not support 3G network

蓝牙功能 Bluetooth

支持,蓝牙2.1模块 Support, Bluetooth 2.1 module

音频视频 Audio and video

声音系统 Sound System

立体声扬声器,内置麦克风 Stereo speakers, built-in microphone

音频格式 Audio format


视频格式 Video Format

支持VGAAMP4MOVMPEG格式 Support VGAA, MP4, MOV, MPEG format

外置接口 External Interface

音频接口 Audio Interface

3.5mm耳机接口 3.5mm headphone jack

其他接口 Other interfaces

苹果Dock接口 Apple Dock interface

电源参数 Power Parameters

电池类型 Battery Type

聚合物锂电池 Polymer lithium battery

续航时间 Life

10小时左右,具体时间视使用环境而定 About 10 hours, the specific time depending on use environment of the

功能参数 Function parameters

摄像头 Camera

双摄像头(前置:30万像素,后置:70万像素) Dual cameras (front: 30 million pixels, rear: 70 million pixels)

图片浏览 Picture browsing

支持JPGTIFFGIF格式 Support JPG, TIFF, GIF formats

内置感应 Built-in sensor

方向感应器,环境光线感应,距离感应器 Direction of the sensor, ambient light sensor, proximity sensor,

其他功能 Other features

加入FaceTime功能,1080p高清视频输出功能,FaceTime视频通话功能,GarageBand音乐软件 FaceTime added functionality, 1080p high-definition video output function, FaceTime video calling, GarageBand music software

外观参数 Appearance parameters

产品尺寸 Product Size

241.2×185.7×8.8mm 241.2 × 185.7 × 8.8mm

产品重量 Product Weight

601g 601g

机壳材质 Housing Material

玻璃和不锈钢材质 Glass and stainless steel

机壳颜色 Cabinet color

黑色 Black

平板电脑附件 Tablet PC Accessories

包装清单 Packing List

平板电脑主机 x1 Tablet PC host x1
连接线 x1 Cable x1
说明书 x1 Manual x1
充电器 x1 Charger x1