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White Cardboard Box (PK-17)
The standard version is white but it’s also available in silver upon request. For a small fee we can print your logo on the box as well. Compact and provides good but basic protection for the memory sticks. The memory sticks are wrapped in a polythene bag inside the box.
Dimensions: Fited&customized size

Plastic Box (PK-14)
This sturdy plastic box is very popular and has a special snap to keep the lid closed. It has a foam inlay cut to match the shape of your branded USB flash drive. This is a top quality gift box that offers excellent protection to the USB flash drive. The box can be printed and really raises the overall impact of the memory sticks when they are handed out.
Dimensions: 94x46x21mm

Black Cardboard Two piece Box (PK-03)
The black cardboard box has two piece and with customized foam inside.It’s a good balance between wanting to give something that has a quality feel while recognizing the concerns some people have about going overboard on unnecessary packaging. Its size is large enough to accommodate a lanyard and other printed material you might want to add with your branded USB flash drive.
Dimensions: 100mm x 80mm x 27mm
 Black Cardboard Flip Box (PK-12)
The black cardboard box features a magnetic seal and with customized foam inlay it adds appeal without adding very much expense.  Dimensions: 112mm x 85mm x 25mm

Tin Windows Box (PK-04)
This is the standard tin gift box for presenting your branded USB flash drives, it is the most popular tin gift box we supply. It comes with a foam insert (standard is black ) that is cut to match the type of memory stick you have purchased. There is room to include a lanyard or key ring attachment and for a small extra fee the cover can be printed as well.
Dimensions: 119mm x 89mm x 23mm      


Round Display Tin (PK-05)
The round tin is a unique option for packaging your custom USB drives. Best suited for custom shaped or round drives, it is also capable of displaying a standard stick drive. With an acrylic glass window in the cover, foam padding keeps your USB drive securely fixed in position, to display the logo on the USB drive. Although there is no printable area on the cover, with our pad printing process, we can print your logo, contact information or slogan on the round sides of the tin. This creates a huge print area which is sure to grab your customers’ attention.   Dimensions: 95mm x 65mm x 60mm 


Metal Pen Box (PK-18)
Resembling a sunglasses case, the large tin carrying case for pen drives is great for making a big impression on your customers. The cover of this carrying case is slightly convex, but flat enough to accommodate large graphics.
Never compromising function for aesthetics, these cases will do their job and keep the enclosed USB pen drive safe and secure. With a sturdy foam insert custom cut to encase your pen, your clients will receive the product in pristine condition. A display carrying case like this will help your marketing campaign make a lasting impression.
Dimensions: 178mm x 58mm x 18.5mm 


Credit Card Box (pk-09)
These strong and stylish plastic gift boxes have been specially manufactured to compliment our range of USB credit cards. They come in a slightly translucent white finish with a magnetic clasp and a foam insert to hold the USB credit card in place. The boxes can be overprinted or supplied blank (because they are slightly translucent the image of your branded USB credit cards will show through). These USB gift boxes are an excellent solution if you are worried about them getting crushed in transit or it storage.   Dimensions: 103mm x 71mm x 9mm 


Credit Card Wallet (PK-01)
These stylish leather wallets have been specially manufactured to compliment our range of USB credit cards. These USB leather wallets are an excellent solution if you are looking to distribute your USB flash drives by mail.     Dimensions: 102mm x 67mm


Velvet Pouch (PK-19)
Our velvet pouches are a popular choice for packaging USB flash drives. They come in a variety of colors and sizes so it is easy to pick one to match the color of your logo or flash drive. The relatively large size of the pouches make them especially popular for lanyard USB’s or larger USB flash drives like the wristband styles.  Dimensions: 128mm x 90mm 

Vinyl Pouch (PK-16)
The vinyl pouches are small (2 x 4") and can house individual flash drives and are translucent so your personalized logo is visible through the pouch. A nice touch if you plan on using your custom USB as a gift.    Dimensions: 100mm x 68mm